Sebastian Stan + rings


Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, 24/08/2014


I have a bad habit of talking over Seb when I meet him because I’m so anxious and have so much to say. You have to really listen for the gems—there are a few! The love he gave for the poses, how nice he was about feeling my tricep (I WAS REALLY PROUD OK) and most of all, the fact that he liked the shirt. And then he took the selfie! He was so rushed —his line was fucking massive—and you could tell he was a bit harried, but he made time for every pic. At the end, after the selfie, he leaned over, looked me in the eyes, and said, See you soon? Which…yes, probably. Unfortunately for my wallet, where Seb and Mackie go, I am probably sure to follow.


buckycap vs falconcap


Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie being silly and adorable at the Wizard World Chicago Winter Soldier panel.  8/24/14


So cute~~~


It was a bit rushed, and I was dumb and didn’t get selfies like half the ppl in line did, plus I feel like there was a lot I didn’t say, but it was all worth it for two things:

1) Remembering my name AGAIN and him saying it was nice to see me again
2) The pause he gave as he signed the Captain Morgan picture. Complete confusion while I cracked up inside.

Tmrw is a new day!